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AE Advanced Energy was founded in Fort Collins (USA) in 1981 to manufacture energy conversion and transmission systems (semiconductors, displays, storage devices). REFUsol is a German manufacturer that has been producing solar inverters under the Refu Elektronik brand since 1965. The head office is located in Baden-Württemberg (Metzingen).

In April 2013, Advanced Energy bought REFUsol. The enterprises of the combined company are located not only in the USA, but also in Canada, Germany, Great Britain, India, India, Korea. Products are supplied to North America, Asia and Europe (more than 200 dealers, representative offices and offices on all continents). In addition to standard equipment, it provides services for the development and manufacture of devices taking into account customer requirements.

Thyristor power regulators Thyro-S

Advanced Energy offers the Thyro-Family high performance flexible series of thyristor power controllers. Thyristor regulator Thyro-S with safe operation and load monitoring can be connected to bus systems, used in stand-alone mode or used in combination with all installed point-to-point process controllers, PLCs or computer systems. Single-phase THYRO-SH1 / H RL1 devices have voltages up to 500 V and currents up to 280 A. THYRO-SH3 / H RLP3 devices have options with 1, 2 or three phases, voltages up to 500 V and currents up to 350 A.

Thyristor power regulators Thyro-A

The Thyro-A line of devices are digital thyristor controllers with three switching modes: full-wave cycle, phase control and Quick-Takt-Mode for single-phase controllers. The devices have a built-in semiconductor fuse, bus interface, optional power regulation, many functions for monitoring and optimizing the load from the network, can be operated as a stand-alone system or in combination with process control systems, PLCs, automation systems via various bus interfaces (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CANopen, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and EtherNet / IP). The models have 1, 2 or 3 phases, powers up to 1.557 kVA, voltages up to 600 V, currents up to 1500 A. The product catalog contains models: THYRO-A H1, H RL1, H RLP1, H3, H RL3, H RLP3.

Thyristor power controllers Thyro-AX

The Thyro-AX series operates in voltages from 24 to 600 V and includes a diverse range of devices from 16 to 1500 A. device control. Communication protocols DeviceNet, Modbus, CANopen, as well as PROFINET, Modbus and EtherNet are available for interaction with other equipment.

Thyristor power controllers Thyro-P and Thyro-PX

Thyro-P digital power controller and regulator provides control of currents up to 2900 A, voltages up to 690 V and powers up to 2 868 kVA, realizes easy integration into automation systems, flexibility and expandability in specific applications, integrated soft start for operation with downstream transformer, integrated load monitoring, digital I / O modules, built-in semiconductor fuses. The Thyro-Touch block provides easy interaction with Thyro-P / Thyro-PX power controllers and provides a comprehensive analysis of the measured data.

Live data can be displayed as linear or bar graphs, actual values or data loggers. Anybus communication modules complement the Thyro-PX controllers with various communication interfaces. The modules allow the integration of Thyro-PX devices into complex installations via a fieldbus and provide easy connection to a wide range of industrial protocols.

Power supplies

The manufacturer manufactures a range of DC power supplies for use in the semiconductor industry, storage devices, laboratory installations, and industrial processes. DC sources are available in the E'Wave, MDX, Pinnacle Plus, Pinnacle, Pinnacle Diamond series. For industrial applications, high power supplies are available in the Crystal series, which can reach 180 kW at an output voltage of over 3000 voltს.

Low-frequency and medium-frequency power supplies are designed to optimize energy consumption in a number of electrochemical manufacturing processes, surface treatment and are available in the LFGS, PDX, PEII series. High frequency power supplies are used in plasma spraying and etching processes, are characterized by high stability and excellent accuracy, produced in the Apex, Paramount, HiLight, Ovation, HFV, Ascent, CESAR RF, GenCal, Integro, Litmas RPS series.

High voltage power supplies

Advanced Energy is a leading supplier of high voltage power supplies for a wide range of standard and custom OEM applications. HiTek Power and UltraVolt series products with output voltages from 62 V to 100 kV at power levels from 100 mW to 100 kW. The product catalog includes A series high voltage single output modules, AA single row high voltage modules, C series high voltage chargers, HVA series precision high voltage amplifiers, rack mount high voltage power systems, and more.

Optical pyrometers

Advanced Energy offers precision pyrometers for optical temperature measurement. Sekidenko Fiber Optic Sensors offer temperature measurement technology in the production of thin film plasma panels. The stability and reproducibility of AE temperature measurement products ensure exceptional process uniformity, while patented technologies ensure reliable performance over a wide range of ambient temperature conditions.

The video above was taken from AE Advanced Energy official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company

Power supply status
Power supply status
AE Advanced Energy power regulators in the Thyro-A, Thyro-AX, Thyro-PX and Thyro-X series optimally combine flexibility and efficiency. Relatively simple and complex thyristor converters provide quality control of conversion operations, load optimization and voltage sequence control. AE Advanced Energy Thyristors represent the optimal combination of cost and performance and are ideal for a wide variety of applications.
Power Supplies
Power Supplies
Power supplies from AE Advanced Energy are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, storage devices, laboratory equipment and other industries. Models with increased power for severe applications are also available (up to 180 kW, output voltage over 3000 V). In addition, AE Advanced Energy offers a wide range of low and mid frequency power supplies designed to optimize power consumption. Designed primarily for metal deposition and etching processes, high-frequency power supplies are highly reliable and highly accurate.
DC/DC Converters
DC/DC Converters
The compact and lightweight XS series DC / DC converters from the manufacturer AE Advanced Energy have one output and are designed for an output power of 100 mV and an input voltage of 5V. The single output voltage ranges from 1V to 100V, and the output current is 1mA. XS series DC / DC converters are mounted using a special mounting hole and operate in a temperature range of -10 ° C to + 65 ° C. Output contacts type: positive.
Desktop power supplies
Desktop power supplies
The BT-GP series desktop power supplies from the renowned manufacturer AE Advanced Energy with a single negative regulated output have an input voltage of 90 to 264 VAC and an output voltage of 0 to 2 kVDC. The output current varies from 1 to 15 mA, and the output power is 30 W. AE Advanced Energy Desktop Power Supplies are equipped with a 3.5-digit LED display and operate in a temperature range of -20 ° C + 60 ° C. Allowable AC source voltage: 90 to 264 V.

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