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FAMAGA always strives to provide the best prices and timings of supplies for its customers. We sell only original equipment and spare parts, although we are not always the official distributor or manufacturer's dealer. All displayed trademarks and part numbers are the property of their respective owners.
Our catalog contains the entire product line of the Pepperl+Fuchs manufacturer at good prices with door-to-door delivery to any region of United States, including your area: Ashburn. Our managers will help you to select and buy suitable Pepperl+Fuchs product or spare part, just right after sending an application form. To find out the prices and delivery time, please fill in the feedback form or send your inquiry to  
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We supply full line of products and spare parts of Pepperl+Fuchs company:

Proximity Sensors

  • Inductive Sensors
  • Capacitive Sensors
  • Magnetic Field Sensors
  • Proximity Sensors Accessories

Photoelectric Sensors

  • Thru-Beam Sensors
  • Retroreflective Sensors
  • Diffuse Mode Sensors
  • Switching Sensor with Measurement Core Technology
  • Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Slot and Slot Grid Sensors
  • Contrast Sensors+Color Sensors
  • Light Grids
  • Distance Sensors
  • Optical Data Couplers
  • Special Sensors
  • Safety Sensors
  • Sensors for Automated Accesses and Entrances
  • Photoelectric Sensor Accessories

Industrial Vision

  • Vision Sensors
  • Light Section Sensors
  • Vision Systems

Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Thru-Beam Sensors
  • Diffuse and Retroreflective Mode Sensors
  • Double Sheet Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Accessories

Rotary Encoders

  • Absolute Rotary Encoder
  • Incremental Rotary Encoders
  • Cable Pulls
  • Rotary Encoder Accessories

Positioning Systems

  • Inductive Position Measuring Systems (PMI)
  • Distance Sensors
  • Position Encoding System WCS
  • Data Matrix Positioning System (PXV, safePXV)
  • Position Guided Vision (PGV, safePGV)
  • Precision Positioning (PHA)
  • Electronic CAM-Switch Controller (PAX)

Inclination and Acceleration Sensors

  • Inclination Sensors
  • Acceleration Sensors
  • Inertial Measurement Units

Industrial Communication

  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Ethernet IO Modules
  • AS-Interface
  • IO-Link

Identification Systems

  • RFID
  • Optical Identification

Displays and Signal Processing

  • Pulse Counter Units and Displays
  • Process Displays
  • Signal Converters
  • Switch Amplifiers


  • Sensor-Actuator Cables
  • Field Connectors
  • Junction Blocks
  • Sensor-Actuator Splitters
  • Valve Connectors
  • Sensor-Actuator Receptacles
  • Data Connectors


  • Sensor Testers+Tools
  • Cable Protection System
  • Mounting Accessories
  • Reflectors
  • Level Limit Switch
  • Wireless Inductive System WIS
  • SmartBridge Interface

Intrinsic Safety Barriers

  • Isolated Barriers
  • Zener Barriers

Signal Conditioners

  • K-System
  • SC-System

FieldConnex Fieldbus Infrastructure

  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1
  • Ethernet

Remote I/O Systems

  • FB (Zone 1)
  • LB (Zone 2, Class I/Div. 2)

HART Interface Solutions

  • K-System HIS
  • H-System HIS
  • Accessories

Surge Protection

  • Devices for Signal Line Protection
  • Devices for Supply Line Protection
  • Devices for Fieldbus
  • Devices for Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions

  • Gateways
  • Adapters
  • Temperature Converter
  • Accessories

Intrinsically Safe Mobile Devices

  • Tablets (Android)
  • Accessories

Industrial Monitors+HMI Solutions

  • Industrial Box Thin Client
  • Engineered Solutions
  • Panel Mount Solutions
  • Operator Workstations
  • Peripherals

Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment

  • Terminal and Junction Boxes (Ex e, Ex i, Ex op)
  • Terminal and Junction Boxes (Ex d)
  • Control Units (Ex e)
  • Control Units (Ex d)
  • Control Stations (Ex e)
  • Control Stations (Ex d)
  • Control and Distribution Panels (Ex d)
  • Control and Distribution Panels (Ex de)
  • Switch Disconnectors and Safety Switches (Ex e)
  • Switch Disconnectors (Ex d)
  • Cable Glands and Accessories (Ex d, Ex e, Ex i)
  • Enclosures (Ex d)
  • Signaling Devices and Other Products (Ex d, Ex e)

Purge+Pressurization Systems

  • Type X Purge System
  • Type Y Purge System
  • Type Z Purge System
  • Ex pxb Purge System
  • Ex pyb Purge System
  • Ex pzc Purge System
  • Enviro-Line Pressurization System

Power Supplies

  • K-System Power Supplies
  • Fieldbus Power Supplies
  • PS Industrial Power Supplies

Level Measurement

  • Limit Detection
  • Continuous Measurement
  • Interface Electronics
  • Accessories

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