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Order for RULMECA D750160AA0­950_008086 — 08.04.2021

RULMECA D750160AA0­950_008086 — Shipped 08.04.2021 Delivered to Canada
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The content of the order:

  • Manufacturer: RULMECA
  • Country: Italy
  • Part number: D750160AA0­950_008086
  • Description: Trommelmotor 320M 7.50 kW; 1.60 m/s 3X220­240/380­415 V 50Hz Rücklaufsperre; Gummierung 6mm rautiert/schwarz 2­polig Rollenlänge RL=950mm S65DT0 Klemmenkasten Euro Alu
  • Order date: 08.04.2021
FAMAGA company managers have successfully taken the order and shipped the order for RULMECA D750160AA0­950_008086 from 08.04.2021 to Canada. After sending request, the customer received best quotation and door-to-door delivery from FAMAGA company. Interested in the same product? Send us a request and our managers will help you choose and purchase the items you need of RULMECA. To request prices and delivery times, please fill out the feedback form or send a description of the items you need to the email address
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